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***We are "Excited" to announce our New Cargo Airfreight Service From DFW, FLL & STT***

    A vast percentage of all goods used in the British Virgin Islands are imported by air & sea. This includes building materials, household goods, vehicles, clothing and food. Every item has it's own classification and rate of duty. Customs requires that the importer (or exporter) present a properly prepared T-12 entry form for every shipment. These entries are complicated and time consuming. In order to avoid delays in the clearance of goods and costly errors, the services of a properly trained and licensed Customs Broker, is provided by our company. This service includes full preparation of entries, processing entries through customs authorities, full inspection and obtaining respective clearance and passes for release of goods, and delivery/truckage of goods to consignee location.

    Quality Service:

      Without professional help your personal or business shipment can be delayed in customs for days or even weeks, denying you the use of them, loss of sales and incurring expenses. Errors on entries can also cause you to inadvertently make a false declaration, which can result in heavy fines or other punishments under the law.

      Trying to save money by preparing paper work to clear goods yourself or having an unlicensed, unqualified person do so, may cost you more in time and money.

      We can alleviate the stress by providing you with fast, efficient service with minimal brokerage fees. Contact us and see how we can put the ease in having imported goods processed, cleared and delivered without any hassles or additional costs. We also offer trucking and trailer hauling services door to door, shipping containers and chassis rental/sales along with moving/storage facilities of your goods.

      The Customs Broker is a requirement for any kind of import/export trade and of necessity involves the processing of customs documents. The role of the custom broker is to pass all documents essential for import/export trade through the customs authority on behalf of shippers. Given the highly bureaucratic nature of the operation, marred by cumbersome procedures and voluminous paper work, it is imperative that your broker has a good understanding of the system and the necessary contacts to expedite the clearing of your shipment. Give us a call; we have the expertise, the knowledge, and contacts to provide accurate and expeditious clearing of your goods.